Close to christmas

Apologies for not updating on my progress in a while. Last week was a particularly busy and unusually stressful week. As we near Christmas our teaching is leading us into 3D and allowing us more time for our assignments. Last week I was working on some shots for a short film that is to be released in 2018 called Turning Tide. Naturally the film is still in production and so I have not been able to share any of the work with you, but I can tell you it has been a good experience so far. If you are curious about the film you can read about it on it’s kick starter page.

We have amassed a significant amount of knowledge in these short weeks, and though patchy I feel like the breadth of the software is becoming easier to envisage with each passing day. I deem a lot of essential work in this stage of the course to be in exterior learning. The supplementary knowledge and clarity I gain from tutorials is most helpful and can assist my current project.

This weekend I refreshed my memory on basic 3D geometry within Nuke. Nuke is not inherently designed to manage and produce complex 3D geometry, but the tutorials I have followed allowed me to understand the capability of what Nuke can provide. Even with basic geometry and shaders you can create interesting compositions and basic motion graphics. I am aware that the next part of the learning is taking this a step further and using 3D geometry to help ‘rebuild’ scenes for the purposes of clean-up and projection.

We’d all like to not be doing too much over the christmas break, so I imagine there will be a lot of heads down this week.



Close to christmas

037 – Advanced Compositing

We are moving into deeper and more complex compositing techniques now. Nuke has a remarkable ability to work within 3D space and manipulate 2d elements in the quest for seamless composites. Whilst we would never do any bulk 3D work or modelling in Nuke, there are a plethora of reasons to use it’s capability. This week we have been learning about 3d camera projection, allowing us to create virtual cameras that mimic the motion of the original cameras. From there, we can composite 3D geometry or cards into the scene in real time and with great accuracy. This leads towards projecting new elements or backgrounds which is particularly important for clean-up.

My clean-up and CG shot is under-way and I’m employing much of what we are learning. We need to be aware of all the 2d techniques that we learnt as early as week one also. I have had to refresh my memory on certain basic techniques!

An example of the 3D camera track and point cloud generator. This data will for the base calculations for a lot of projections. Below is some traditional 2D cleanup using match-move and patch roto’s. I’m currently working on painting out the lamp-post which is a tricky and time-consuming task as I have to guess the background. Might have to project a new one instead.


037 – Advanced Compositing

Week 8 – 3D Begins

Well, the Roto is finished. It was very difficult but I learnt a lot. I feel in a much better position going forwards, which is ultimately a good thing. You can read about the assignment here:

Class hasn’t stopped and now we have moved into 3D within Nuke. We started off with basic geometry and how to get 3D elements into the 2d space.

first 3d geom

We then moved onto displacement mapping, allowing you to manipulate and distort 2d images to fake a sense of depth, perspective or scale. This is id done through luminance values and is quite interesting.


It is particularly useful in making static 2d backgrounds look 3d.


I also got myself set up today for the next assignment which is clean-up and CG composition. This assignment asks us to demonstrate our ability to clean-up elements and seamlessly blend CG elements into a shot. I found this great bit of footage that gives me a lot of opportunities for clean-up. The CG elements will either be sky traffic or a CG drone. Haven’t got long to get going on this so will have to get started straight away.


Week 8 – 3D Begins

Week 6

It’s revision week to conclude the half-way mark for short-course/vocational students. This is a great opportunity to recap on what we’ve learnt, but I have not had a moment to digest it. I have been working flat-out on my Roto. I received good feedback from my tutor Allar during the presentations on Friday. I’m quite happy with the racecar but I still have two organic humans to Roto, a presentation to prepare and a write-up to present by Friday!

It’s coming along. There are very different obstacles with organic elements. Luckily I have saved a lot of time by doing my retrospective daily so the essay should be fine. I think a great deal of my attention is focused towards getting this Roto shot squared away.


Week 6